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Large (Capsule Collection)

Large (Capsule Collection)

The Capsule Collection unveils a selection of totes that exude an elegant, muted, and neutral aesthetic. Within this curated assortment, three distinct types of totes take center stage: the Coastal Knit, Mesh, and our timeless Classic tote. The hand-weaving techniques among these three styles feature a wider weave compared to the totes found in the Core Collection. This subtle nuance adds a touch of sophistication, highlighting the unique craftsmanship that defines the Capsule Collection. Skilled Mexican artisans, renowned for their craftsmanship, bring our in-house designs to life through their dedicated hand-crafting process. Taking 2-3 days to create, each product in the Capsule Collection is woven with 100% recycled plastic. Inspired by the themes of life, happiness, and the desire to spread joy, our Capsule Collection encapsulates the essence of these values in each meticulously crafted piece.

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White / Navy Mesh Citron Tote
White / Navy Mesh Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $190.00
Navy Coastal Cable Citron ToteNavy Coastal Cable Citron Tote
Navy Coastal Cable Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $190.00
Sand Coastal Cable Citron ToteSand Coastal Cable Citron Tote
Sand Coastal Cable Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $190.00
Coastal Net Citron ToteCoastal Net Citron Tote
Coastal Net Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $190.00
Coastal Knit Nautical Navy/White Citron ToteCoastal Knit Nautical Navy/White Citron Tote
Coastal Knit Boardwalk Citron ToteCoastal Knit Boardwalk Citron Tote
Coastal Knit Boardwalk Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $190.00
Boardwalk Citron ToteBoardwalk Citron Tote
Boardwalk Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $185.00
Cafe con Leche Citron ToteCafe con Leche Citron Tote
Cafe con Leche Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $185.00
Dusk Citron Tote (Black / Tan / White)Dusk Citron Tote (Black / Tan / White)
Navy Dusk Citron Tote (Navy / Tan / White)Navy Dusk Citron Tote (Navy / Tan / White)
Nautical Navy / White Citron ToteNautical Navy / White Citron Tote
Nautical Navy / White Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $185.00
Matcha Latte Citron ToteMatcha Latte Citron Tote
Matcha Latte Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $185.00
White Sand Citron ToteWhite Sand Citron Tote
White Sand Citron Tote Sale priceFrom $185.00