Palma De Citron Collection by Squeeze De Citron

Palma De Citron Collection by Squeeze De Citron


Palma de Citron, in which 100% palm leaf is expertly woven into stunning bags and totes and also into trays for the home. We are grateful to work on this collection with the talented Toribo Family. We honor the artistry of their work and their meticulous process. We have the deepest appreciation that they have allowed us to create with them.

The process of creating this collection is detailed and tedious. Before our artisans can even begin weaving, the palm must be prepared. First, the palm is harvested from the fields. It then goes through a rigorous cutting and cleaning process to prepare it for paint. Next, each palm leaf is painted individually – one by one – and then hung to dry. Only after the palm is dry can the artisans start weaving the beautiful pieces in this collection.

The small bags take one day to make. The medium bags are made in two days. The large bags take up to four days to make. Once the bags are made, the leather pieces are added and a finished product is born into the Palma de Citron collection.

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