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Sales Policy


General Sales Policy

This policy applies to all sales conducted on our website. Additionally, for each sale event, we will send a specific policy via email during the sale period and it will be published in the website footer. The specific policy will include the effective dates, discount code, and promotion conditions applicable to that particular sale.

Specific Sale Policy

For each sale event, a unique policy will be provided. This policy will outline the promotion's duration, the corresponding discount code, and the specific conditions governing the sale. Customers are advised to review this policy carefully before making a purchase during the sale.

Final Sale

All products and services offered during a sale are considered FINAL SALE items. As such, they are not eligible for exchanges or returns, except in cases of product defects or shipping errors.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are not eligible for any discounts or promotions and are excluded from all sale events.


⁨Our sales orders do not include a Linen cover on our totes.