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Clementine / Lavender Baguette Palma

Special Style

Coastal Net Citron Tote

Navy/White Mesh Capsule
Mother of Pearl Citron Bracelets!
Available for adults and kids for the sunny & salty days...

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Roll Up your Core Citron

Did you know that our Core Citron Totes can be folded and rolled up for storage and travel?

Our Core Collection Citron Totes and Bags are made from a durable material that allows them to be folded without losing their shape.

Full Circle Impact

Our sustainable totes have a full circle impact on our nine artisan communities.

Each item is carefully hand crafted by Mexican and Guatemalan artisans. Our partnerships with these artisans not only provide jobs, but also a sense of purpose, renewed hope, and an improved quality of life.

About Us

Squeeze De Citron was founded with the intention of creating sustainable programs for artisanal communities. Each product represents the work of talented and dedicated Mexican and Guatemalan artisans. The bags are an expression of the unique and extraordinary cultural talent across these communities.

Artisans can spend up to one week carefully crafting just one Core Citron Bag - with an additional 3 days dedicated to creating the handles. The bags are made with 100% recycled plastic. Artisans weave these materials into our carefully curated and stunning in-house designs. This results in highly durable products with beautifully, sophisticated design.

Neutral Styles Totes
Bright Vibe Citron

New best seller!

It takes 5 - 10 days to make a Core Citron bag


We are elevating our Capsule Collection with a curated design.
New Coastal Knit in Nautical Navy/White

Our Capsule Collection bags are ethically made by an older group of Mexican artisans that are in correction centers. These bags create sustainable jobs to help support their families. They take 2 - 3 days to make one. All of our bags are hand woven with 100% recycled plastic. We offer a sustainable program for our USA clients on our website. Our Citron bags are inspired by life sharing happiness, joy and doing good by making an impact.

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Best Sellers!

Coastal Knit Boardwalk Citron XLarge

Yin Yang Citron Tote Large

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New Collaboration
Citron Watercolors

Explore our new collaboration with Perla De Mar, an Artisanal Handmade Watercolor Brand located on an Island in the Gulf of México.