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Clutch (All Collections)

Clutch (All Collections)

Our Squeeze De Citron bags are ethically made and gracefully sourced by Mexican and Guatemalan artisans using our in house designs. These bags take 5 - 7 days to make one. Our bags are hand woven with 100% recycled plastic. We offer a sustainable program for our USA clients on our website. Our Citron bags are inspired by life sharing happiness, joy and doing good by making an impact. Each bag creates sustainable jobs for our artisans.

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Clutch - Autumn Rainbow CitronClutch - Autumn Rainbow Citron
Clutch - Rosa Neon Rain CitronClutch - Rosa Neon Rain Citron
Clutch - Palm Beach CitronClutch - Palm Beach Citron
Clutch - Palm Beach Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Bright Path Neon Orange Rose CitronClutch - Bright Path Neon Orange Rose Citron
Clutch - Zen Wine & Gold CitronClutch - Zen Wine & Gold Citron
Clutch - Boho Iris CitronClutch - Boho Iris Citron
Clutch - Neon Pink CitronClutch - Neon Pink Citron
Clutch - Neon Pink Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Pink Sunset CitronClutch - Pink Sunset Citron
Clutch - Pink Sunset Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Yin Yang Citron
Clutch - Yin Yang Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Yellow Rainbow Hearts Citron
Clutch - Rose Lime Joy Citron
Clutch - Rose Cocoles CitronClutch - Rose Cocoles Citron
Clutch - Rain Unicorn Citron
Clutch - Rain Cotton Candy CitronClutch - Rain Cotton Candy Citron
Clutch - Giving Hearts Orange / Rose Citron
Clutch - Giving Hearts Aqua Blue Citron
Clutch - Cocoles Salmon CitronClutch - Cocoles Salmon Citron
Clutch - Bright Soul Citron
Clutch - Bright Soul Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Heart Reflection in Melon / Rose CitronClutch - Heart Reflection in Melon / Rose Citron
Clutch - Heart Reflection in Multicolors CitronClutch - Heart Reflection in Multicolors Citron
Clutch - Aqua Blue Flower CitronClutch - Aqua Blue Flower Citron
Clutch - Spring Preppy Citron
Clutch - Sunrise Peach Citron
Clutch - Sconset in Sand Citron
Clutch / Crossbody - Harbor View CitronClutch / Crossbody - Harbor View Citron
Clutch - Preppy Tile Rose Citron
Clutch - Aqua Rainbow Hearts CitronClutch - Aqua Rainbow Hearts Citron
Clutch - Azul Lux CitronClutch - Azul Lux Citron
Clutch - Azul Lux Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Serenity Citron
Clutch - Serenity Citron Sale price$145.00
Clutch - Market Cocoles CitronClutch - Market Cocoles Citron
Clutch - Rainbow Cocoles Citron
Clutch - Heart Guide Green / Rose Citron
Clutch - Dreaming Rainbow Citron
Clutch - Preppy Tile Navy CitronClutch - Preppy Tile Navy Citron
Clutch - Heart Guide in Pink Aqua CitronClutch - Heart Guide in Pink Aqua Citron
Clutch - Rain Paradise Citron
Clutch - Preppy Tile Gold & White Citron