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Article: Stylist Mary Garth Tells Us Her Tips to Transition from Summer to Fall Keeping Impeccable Style

Stylist Mary Garth Tells Us Her Tips to Transition from Summer to Fall Keeping Impeccable Style


Squeeze De Citron wants to introduce you to one of our favorite local stylists to show us how to transition your Citron tote or bag from Summer to Fall.  Mary Garth is a well-respected fashion stylist based in Connecticut as well as a Style & Brand Consultant.  To say she is an influencer as well is just the tip of the iceberg. Mary worked in Fashion Public Relations for over 15 years at a boutique PR Agency in NYC.  Her NYC PR Agency experience ran the gamut…providing her with an amazing opportunity to work with so many talented designers. Working in Fashion PR you get to experience a little bit of everything… photoshoots with Vogue. Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD. One of the coolest and most memorable experiences was going out to Los Angeles with Couture dresses in hand and during awards season to help dress all the top celebrities for the red carpet for the Oscars & Golden Globes, etc. Mary says, “Going out to LA for those celebrity events was wild and such a surreal experience to see all the behind-the-scenes activities up close and personal.”

“Every season during New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to be backstage with all the designers and stylists, etc. I was in charge of press interviews with the designers and was always so intrigued by the behind-the-scenes fashion world, what happens behind a runway show, or a major celebrity event, etc... It’s so incredible seeing how each look would come together for the runway show. I learned from the best how to accessorize and create your own style and vibe,” continues Mary. 

Life took Mary in a different direction for a few years, she left the world of fashion PR behind for several years to focus on being a mama. “I missed it so much that I started to freelance. It wasn’t until I moved out of the city to Greenwich, CT that I realized how much I really missed the fashion world. So, I started doing local shopping events & store openings and then started styling friends in Greenwich and NYC and it sort of evolved from there. When you feel good about the way you look, you automatically feel more confident and empowered.  I wanted to help other women feel empowered,” Mary told us. 

When it comes to styling, Mary also likes the challenge of helping her clients figure out how to get the most out of their wardrobes, which also includes transitioning their looks from season to season…and extending the life of certain pieces that can carry over easily from let, say, Summer to Fall.

“I’m all about mixing high & low. Of course, I love all the designer brands, I mean who doesn’t!” Mary states.  “However, I’m realistic in making sure my clients can afford the whole look. Extending high-end pieces that can transition from season to season is an important part of what I show them, “ Mary continues.  Mary believes the most important tip for transitioning to Fall, is to “layer up”. Layered outfits are not only fashionable but practical. ...

One of her fashion mottos: buy a statement-making jacket! Don’t put away maxi dresses yet, you can add a cute sweater and jacket to wear into Fall.  Swap out sandals for cute loafers, boots, or fun sneakers! Most importantly, wear what makes you comfortable in your own skin.  Create your own look.  Be unique!

“One of my favorite things to transition from Summer to Fall are the Squeeze De Citron totes and bags.  I love my SDC bags! The tote bags are so easy to wear day to day when I’m running to meetings or errands around town. As a Mom of two girls, I always need a big bag for the daytime to carry around all our stuff. These few styles are my favs!

"The totes also transition seamlessly with a Fall colored Pom on a more neutral tote. Think about all your Fall activities, the totes are perfect for shopping at the fall markets, apple & pumpkin picking, school functions, etc.,” Mary concludes.



"For nighttime, my go-to is the mini Lemon Drop clutch with a fun Fall Pom (more muted colors), Mary tells us. “They are so chic and easy to wear with jeans and a great top or a dress and cropped sweater," Mary tells us.

Mary discovered Squeeze De Citron through good friends in Greenwich, CT who also love the brand as much as I do.  She attended a SDC shopping event, saw the bags, noticed their quality in person, and fell in love with them. She immediately reached out to Lila and set up a meeting, the rest is history. Mary learned Lila’s story behind the brand and was inspired by the truly incredible business she has built.  Mary tells us, “I love supporting small women-owned businesses. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Lila and her team and do a fun photo shoot for the Summer collection. Lila is such a hard-working and talented human with the biggest heart. I’m so glad we connected and have had so much fun working together and inspiring each other.”



If Mary had to pick a favorite SDC bag, it would be the Rust Tucker Palma Basket.  She has been wearing it all Summer, repeatedly, and will continue to wear it into Fall. She believes it to be one of the easiest styles to transition with the right outfit…especially in September & October, the colors are perfect for Fall!  She also loves the Palma Rose / Lavender Citron.  Her take on the style is that the shape is unique and elevates your outfit to a different kind of everyday chic. 


People always ask Mary for styling tips…here they are in short order:

  • Edit your closet…only buy things you love
  • Experiment with accessories to make a boring outfit fun and chic. 
  • Make sure your clothes fit perfectly…find a good tailor.
  • Invest in a few timeless pieces… 

Mary adds, “One of my favorite quotes from Coco Chanel “Fashion changes-style remains.” 

“I love helping people find their style…and I honestly started my Instagram page to show people how easy it can be to put outfits together and inspire them,” Mary concludes.  You can find Mary on Instagram: @garth.girls

Mary Garth is a CT-based fashion stylist who shares her fashion finds and started her career in NYC.  Mary is also a Style & Brand Consultant.

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