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Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion - Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions refer to the promotional offer (“Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion”) brought to you by Squeeze De Citron.

The Promotion is open to all Squeeze De Citron registered and non registered users. The Promotion applies to orders made on the website By using this Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion, you indicate acceptance of these rules together with any specific instructions and terms for such Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion which may be mentioned on the website, by e-mail, or communicated to you in any other way.


Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion is valid for orders made by registered and non registered customers from January 21st at 12:05 AM through February 14th at 11:59 PM, 2024 EST.


Only the following products are included in the Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion:

  • Products in “Valentine's Day” Collection.

The rest of the products in the website are not included in the Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion.


  1. Discount won't be applied to gift cards or products not included in this promotion.
  2. Discounts can be accumulated or added.


Following are the possible combinations of the conditions above:

  • (“Valentine's Day Sale 2024 Promotion”) may not be combined with other promotional codes.

Get a Free Heart Pom With Your Order

Every order over $185 will receive an additional Free Heart Pom with the order. This promotion applies to orders made on the website from February 1st at 12:00 AM through February 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

Promotional Code

It is not necessary to use a promotional discount code. Discount price will be shown at checkout.