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Article: Prepping For Summer, Random Housewife Tells Us How She Does It

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Prepping For Summer, Random Housewife Tells Us How She Does It

Jenna Hubka is anything but a random housewife! That is her IG tag!  She is so much more! She is a former event planner turned foodie, sharing tips for almost everything, from home décor, to travel advice, while doing what we do here at Squeeze De Citron, squeezing the juice out of life, to the last drop!  A mother of two darling girls, ages 7 and 5, she balances it all, and clues us in on how she preps for Summer!


Summer = fun times, in the Hubka household.  The minute school is out, Summer starts and they are off and running. Being prepared is essential to taking advantage of the months the girls are not studying and an opportunity to have fun and learn while traveling!  The adventures range from fun summer camps to Jenna’s girls’ trips, they are at such fun ages.


Jenna makes “Mommy and Me” time, especially for the favorite things they like to do together. The girls and Jenna all enjoy spending time in the sun anywhere! Jenna describes a perfect summer day at home. “ I wake up to the sunlight and go for a nice morning run, then spending the day with my husband and the girls around the pool dining on homemade pizzas, and the adults enjoying Limoncello Spritzes,” Jenna states. On most weekdays, the girls attend summer camp, which keeps them on a schedule similar to school, keeping things mostly consistent, but there is definitely time for their summer trips.


Prepping for Summer, with the camp schedule, Jenna must make sure they have all their camp clothes ready, sunscreen, activity gear, and something to put them in!  Her Squeeze De Citron totes help keep her organized for the gals, and herself.  For a Florida gal, who lives close to the beach, the totes are essential for those day trips and even heading into her backyard to enjoy her flowers and the pool on a beautiful sunny day.

Because the SDC totes can be rolled up and packed, they have become essential in her summer travel schedule.  “We do three family trips every year over the summer,” Jenna tells us. “We kick off the summer with a trip to Georgia for a friends’ reunion -called the ‘Ladybug Weekend’,” she continues. Then they are off to North Carolina for a family reunion, and then to a different family reunion that has been hosted for about 30 years in New Smyrna Beach, and now they all bring the kiddos for that week.  “The Squeeze De Citron totes are perfect to pack the car with for different parts of those trips, which helps to keep us ready at a moment’s notice for whatever adventures come our way,” Jenna says.  "The fact that I can pack extra totes in my luggage for other travels overseas, this year, it is London---Amsterdam—Prague, I have beautiful practical totes to use where I am and then to use to bring back my mementos found during my travels," Jenna concludes.


Please don’t ask Jenna to choose her favorite Squeeze De Citron! She loves all of them, she loves many of them from different collections.  However, if she was forced to choose one, she would say, “The Core Collection totes are my favorites.  The colors are so beautiful, very convenient for travel, they pack effortlessly and may be used in many situations. The Core Collection totes are the first I grab to throw all my stuff and the girls’ stuff in when we head to the beach or just running around town,” concludes Jenna.  Her second favorite is the larger clutch/crossbody because it can be dressed up for date nights. “Wonderful, because they are waterproof because as a busy Mom, someone is always spilling something,” Jenna relays.

We enjoyed working together with Jenna on our Palm Beach Citron totes, they are pink and green with bright poms, reminiscent of Palm Beach, FL vibe. Her input was great to have as someone who lives there.


Jenna helps moms and many other women with tips and tricks to help navigate life in many aspects. Women are natural multitaskers, but sometimes it is difficult to do it all. Check out Jenna’s blog at Her fun, and upbeat advice with her stories intertwined…cover the gamut of topics: lifestyle, travel, styling, recipes & home decor, entertaining, and home improvements.  Empowering women and sharing helpful tips to make their lives easier is invaluable. We think Jenna is a “Super-Star Housewife”, not just a random one!

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