Our Journey

Squeeze de Citron, or “Squeeze the Lemon,” is based on the principle of taking advantage of every fresh, juicy drop a lemon has to offer— celebrating a zest for life and adventure. The brand was born in 2015, with Lila Limon serving as owner and creative director. Squeeze de Citron features eye-catching, beautifully colored bags handmade and imported by Mexican artisans.

After four years of learning the U.S. market potential, Lila began to sell the bags independently in an intimate settings. She decided to create exclusive designs and color mixtures to appeal to the American market. With her background in fashion, business, and event planning, she began to showcase each of her collections at charity events.

After selling more than 500 bags, she realized her full potential in the U.S market, and launched Squeeze de Citron. Each bag inspires a happy celebration of culture and ethnicity. Customers have shared their Citron Love at the pool, beach, golf course, tennis courts, while shopping, on the boat and a quick weekend getaway.  The bags are as versatile as they are stylish. Creating authentic in house designs with a specific inspiration every year!

Sold in 300+ boutique in USA, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Bahamas.

The History

Squeeze De Citron bags represent the work of talented Mexican and Guatemalan artisans. It takes full dedication and cultural talent to create these lifestyle bags. Each core bag takes an entire week to create, with an additional 3 days dedicated to creating the handles. The bags are made with 100% vegan recyclable plastic for added structure making it durable as well as waterproof. The company works on a fair trade basis, giving back 55% of the annual cost production. 

Our creative director and owner proudly represents her country with these traditional farmer market bags which birthed in the town of Oaxaca, Mexico. The product itself highlights the beauty of the Mexican country, with its design and texture representing the intensive labor of the Mexican artisans.